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LEV Testing

HSE's Dust Kills Campaign: LEV Testing, and how it can help businesses protect employees respiratory health

Keeping UK Workplaces Safe and Compliant

As employers, we know that we must do everything reasonably practicable to provide a safe and healthy workplace for employees. Health and safety at work encompasses a wide range of duties and responsibilities aimed at maintaining a safe working environment for employees. But one crucial aspect that often goes overlooked is the control and reduction of hazardous dust, fumes, and vapours in the workplace.

Standards of indoor air quality has once again come under scrutiny, with HSE responding to the crisis with it’s ‘Dust Kills Campaign’; this incentive aims to educate businesses about the importance of clean air in the workplace, and how preventative measures are key to worker protection.

The Dust Exposure Crisis

Manufacturing industries risk high incidence rates of occupational ill-health due to inadequate control of respiratory sensitizers like wood dust. This includes dust from softwoods, hardwoods, and composite materials, leading to health issues such as sino-nasal cancer, occupational asthma, and dermatitis.

In the last year, a staggering 78% of woodworking businesses were found to be non-compliant with health and safety regulations. HSE carried out over a thousand inspections across woodworking sites in 2022-23, resulting in 402 enforcement actions due to insufficient worker protection.

HSE's Dust Kills Campaign and New Inspections

To address this growing concern, HSE has launched a new wave of site inspections running throughout 2024, supported by the Dust Kills campaign. This initiative aims to provide free advice to businesses and workers on the control measures required to prevent exposure to dust.

David Butter, HSE’s head of manufacturing, highlighted the severity of the issue, stating:

“Around 12,000 workers died last year from lung diseases linked to past exposure from work, and there are an estimated 19,000 new cases of breathing and lung problems each year... Wood dust can cause serious health problems, including asthma and sino-nasal cancer. Our campaign aims to help businesses take action now to protect their workers’ respiratory health.”

What Inspectors Will Be Looking For

Ensuring employers have considered control measures to reduce workers' exposure to wood dust. Verifying that workers understand the risks associated with wood dust exposure. Confirming that effective control measures have been implemented to protect workers from harm. Inspectors will take enforcement action when necessary to ensure workers are adequately protected.

David added:

“Our inspection initiative aims to ensure employers and workers are aware of the risks... Employers need to do the right thing, such as completing a risk assessment, ensuring workers are trained, reducing exposure using LEV, and using suitable RPE to protect workers where required.”

In industries like manufacturing and food processing, where exposure to dust and fumes is prevalent, ensuring effective LEV systems is not just a regulatory requirement but a necessity for safeguarding employee health.

The importance of professional LEV testing in reducing exposure to harmful pollutants is key; inadequate LEV systems can lead to increased health risks for workers, including respiratory problems and long-term illnesses.

So What is LEV Testing?

LEV testing involves a thorough examination of your existing equipment, including hoods, filters, and ducts. Our specialist LEV Engineers complete Risk Assessments, and measure the technical performance of your equipment to assess the overall effectiveness of your current system. The goal? To keep your employees safe and your building compliant with health and safety regulations.

Who Needs LEV Testing?

Our LEV testing services are essential for a variety of industries, including:




Food Processing


Public Buildings

Historic Sites

Why Choose Ductbusters for LEV Testing?

Expertise: We're specialists in testing, maintenance, repair, and new installations. With over 25 years experience, we offer comprehensive services ensure that we can take care of the entire process for you, from assessment to implementation.

Cost-Effective Solutions: If your current system is not up to the required standard, we'll recommend the most cost-effective and efficient solution tailored to your needs.

Compliance: All our work is carried out according to HSE guidance, ensuring that you remain compliant with LEV testing regulations.

Ready to Ensure Workplace Safety?

At Ductbusters, we understand the importance of a safe and healthy working environment. Don't let your workers be exposed to hazardous dust and fumes. Let us help you ensure that your LEV machine is effectively controlling and reducing exposure to harmful pollutants.

If you're ready to take the next step in safeguarding your workplace, get in touch with us today. Our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way.

Together, let's make your workplace safe and compliant with effective LEV testing.


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