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AHU Maintenance

At either end of a supply or extract ventilation system, there will be an air handling unit or extraction fan. The cleanliness and performance of the system can be compromised if debris is allowed to build up on coils in the chambers, and on fan blades. This makes energy bills rise, and air quality fall. And we don’t want that. That’s why our teams are on hand to take care of your AHU, including any maintenance works, repairs or upgrades. 


  • The cleaner the AHU, the more energy efficient it is. And, you guessed it, that means lower energy bills.

  • Regular maintenance of your air handling unit also raises the efficiency of the system and helps maintain duct work cleanliness. Regular AHU maintenance can therefore save money for building operators, reducing duct work cleaning frequency and running costs.

  • Air Handling Units supply fresh air into buildings. During operation, an Air Handling Unit draws in huge amounts of outdoor pollutants, therefore filters need replacing and coil chambers need cleaning every three months to stay on top of the cleanliness. 

  • In line with each coil, there are a series of panel filters and bag filters that are available in various grades of filtration to suit the design. The cooling coil will sweat dew point condensation – as all cooled heat exchangers do. 

  • Greater duty requirements in built-up city areas will increase the dirt and bacteria build-up. This poses an increased risk of serious breakouts of legionella bacteria. Therefore, Air Handling Unit Maintenance needs to be a critical item for building management planned preventative maintenance works.

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Our team of experienced surveyors are experts at the operational and maintenance requirements of all types of air handling units. We’re here to make the process as time and cost efficient as possible, so please get in touch for your free examination today.


We love clean air. So if you want to improve the air quality inside your building, you’re in the right place! Get in touch to let us know which commercial cleaning services you’re interested in, and our team will be on hand to help.



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