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Keeping Schools, Colleges, and University Kitchens Safe and Clean with Ductbusters

Educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities hold a special responsibility towards the health and safety of their students and staff. One crucial aspect of this responsibility is maintaining a clean and safe kitchen environment. Ductbusters, with our expertise in duct cleaning, plays a vital role in ensuring these kitchens are not just visibly clean, but deeply and thoroughly sanitized.

Deep Cleaning of Canopy, Extractor, and Kitchen Ducting

Our cleaning specialists at Ductbusters offer comprehensive deep cleaning services for your kitchen's canopy, extractor, and ducting systems. Over time, these areas accumulate a significant amount of grease and dirt, posing a serious fire hazard. While the buildup may not be immediately visible, it gradually causes permanent damage to the ducting system, potentially leading to the costly need for a complete system replacement. Regular deep cleaning, including the often-overlooked ventilation ducts, is vital for maintaining the safety and efficiency of these systems.

The Impact of Dirty Ducting

Dirty ducts in kitchens, especially in busy educational institutions, is not just a matter of hygiene – it's a significant fire risk. Every year, fires caused by uncleaned frying ranges and other cooking equipment result in damages worth millions of pounds in commercial settings. Moreover, failure to regularly clean ductwork and extraction systems can lead to invalidated insurance policies, putting institutions at further financial risk.

Specialist Cleaning Techniques

Duct cleaning is a job for professionals. At Ductbusters, we use the correct equipment and methods to clean your ducts without causing any damage. This process includes degreasing removable parts and scraping away excess grease inside the canopy, followed by the application of eco-friendly chemicals. We ensure that every part of the canopy, including lips, dip trays, and external areas, is meticulously cleaned and sanitized. Additionally, steam cleaning of removable parts and thorough cleaning of duct fans can significantly improve airflow by up to 30%.

Improving Air Quality

A clean duct system directly contributes to better air quality within the building. This means that staff and students in educational institutions can breathe cleaner, fresher air, creating a healthier and more conducive learning environment.

Legal Requirements for Clean Commercial Kitchens in the UK

In the UK, there are stringent legal requirements for maintaining cleanliness in commercial kitchens. These regulations are in place to ensure the safety and well-being of both the staff working in these kitchens and the students and faculty who depend on them. Ductbusters helps institutions stay compliant with these legal standards, avoiding potential legal and financial complications.

Reducing Fire Risks

Professionally cleaned kitchens significantly reduce the risk of fire, a crucial consideration in densely populated educational environments. Our thorough cleaning processes remove the buildup of flammable substances, thus minimizing the likelihood of kitchen fires.

Maintenance Service and Compliance

Our maintenance service is not just about cleaning; it's about keeping your institution compliant with health and safety standards. Regular maintenance by Ductbusters ensures that your kitchen remains a safe, hygienic, and compliant space.

Highly Trained Engineers

The backbone of Ductbusters' excellent service is our team of highly trained engineers. Each member of our team is either qualified or enrolled in the country's first Ventilation Hygiene Qualification program through Paddeco. This ensures that the service you receive is not only compliant with industry standards but also at the forefront of current best practices.

Schedule Your Clean For February Half Term

At Ductbusters, we're committed to providing the highest standard of cleanliness and safety in school, college, and university kitchens. Our specialized services ensure that your educational institution can offer a safe, healthy, and legally compliant dining environment, contributing to the overall well-being of your students and staff. It’s best to clean during quieter times, so please get in touch to schedule your February or Easter clean.


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