What Are You Doing to Prevent The Spread of Coronavirus?

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The rampant storm of the coronavirus outbreak is pushing more and more businesses to clamp down on hygiene in the workplace. At Ductbusters, we’re here to help you do that.

Do you worry about the effects of the coronavirus on your business? What are you doing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus at your workplace?

At Ductbusters, we have a number of effective solutions that companies can utilise to clamp down on coronavirus, including deep cleaning and fogging.

A person can contract the coronavirus by touching surfaces or objects contaminated by the virus, and then touching their mouth, nose or eyes. Because of this, it’s imperative that you must clean the surfaces in your workplace.

Deep cleaning slows the spread of coronavirus. Via our deep cleaning services, our team can efficiently clean and disinfect every touchable surface in your workplace – whether it be door frames, handles or tables.

Fogging, on the other hand, enables us to clean the more inaccessible areas in your workplace, through dispersing droplets into your workplace air.

Want to learn more about how our specialised services can help you create a safer, healthier environment? Get in touch with our team today or browse our services.

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