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Ductwork Cleaning and Fire Damper Testing CPD Seminars at your premises

Ductbusters are pleased to announce the reintroduction of our seminar, tailored specifically for building contractors as well as individuals and organisations working in a similar field. This course covers the importance of Ductwork Cleaning and Fire Damper Testing and can be taken as part of your CPD (Continued Professional Development) initiative.

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This is a free-of-charge, hour-long seminar, covering a wide range of subject matter.

About Ductbusters

Formed in 1996, Ductbusters is the largest independent ventilation hygiene service company in the UK. We are fully accredited and carry out work for a wide range of clients including the NHS, Jaguar, Aston Martin, BUPA hospitals and Oxford University.

Why is this training important?

There is a legal health and safety obligation on all organisations regarding ventilation hygiene and fire damper testing. Ductwork must be kept clean to comply with HVCA TR 19, HTM 03-01, CIBSE TM 26, BSRIA FMS 1/97 and HSE HSG202 regulations. Fire dampers need to be tested annually to comply with British Standard 99999-2008, following proper BESA testing and reporting procedures.

Not only is this compliance vital for an organisation’s reputation but it is crucial for the safety of those inside the building.

These safety measures prevent the outbreak of infection and control fire risk. Up-keeping ductwork and fire dampers is a worthwhile investment helping to prevent breakdowns and to ensure that your company meets its insurance requirements. Regular ductwork cleaning should be part of your preventative maintenance routine.

Why do your CPD with Ductbusters?

Ductbusters fully-comprehensive course will cover everything you need to know about why you should have your ductwork and fire dampers maintained to meet with legal obligations and to prevent accident and injury.

We work to BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association) standards for ductwork cleaning, the Green Book training scheme, fire damper Accreditation and the certificate in Ductwork Cleaning.

Ductbusters have over 50 years of industry experience and pride ourselves on our ability to offer expert advice on all aspects of ductwork cleaning. Our CPD seminars are fully recognised and accredited.

What can I expect on this course?
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This is a fully comprehensive seminar covering all the basics of ductwork cleaning and fire damper testing. The course will cover the following areas –

How to find out if ductwork is dirty and needs cleaning:

Ductwork can be affected by construction dust, microbial contamination and grease. We work to TRI9 standards to determine when the level of contamination has reached unacceptable levels.

Methods of verification:

Our methods include a site survey; running risk assessments; visual, photographic and video inspection; dust thickness and vacuum testing and micro-biological tests.

Cleaning methods and verification:

This section of the course will include methods of ductwork cleaning; how each individual method works, what each involves and how to use them effectively and efficiently. We will also discuss the relative effectiveness of each method in reducing contamination and the best method of cleaning for different ductwork installations.

The course will cover verifying and measuring the effectiveness of ductwork, through dust thickness testing using a range of devices, testing and verification methods.

Fire damper testing:

The Fire Damper section of our CPD training follows the guidelines laid down by BESA in their Technical Bulletin TB/001 Fire and Smoke Damper Maintenance. We will guide you through the necessary procedures to test and report. These cover the minimum required procedures and will include:

  • Releasing and inspection,
  • Cleaning and maintenance, and
  • Full reporting procedures
  • Suggested remedial action

How to book your place

The development and continued education of your staff is vital to the growth of your business ensuring that your practices and procedures are up to date and compliant with changes in your industry.

If you would like Ductbusters to attend your offices to carry out one of our CPD sessions, then please get in touch with us via the details below and we will be in touch with more information.

Email: enquiries@ductbusters.co.uk

Telephone: 0800 085 0403


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