Laundry Ductwork Cleaning

Tumble dryers and other laundry equipment generate two main by-products: heat and highly flammable fabric lint.


The risks of unattended ductwork

Overtime, physical by-products, such as lint, will accumulate in the ventilation ductwork. This will, in turn, become periodically damp as moist air is pulled through, causing the accumulation of yet more material. (Contaminant)

This will eventually lead to problems, how quickly will simply depend on the structure of the ventilation system and the frequency with which the machines are used.

If this is then left unattended, one or both of two things is likely to happen;

  • The ductwork will become gradually more clogged & obstructed, consequently preventing adequate air flow to the point where the duct cannot function to its design specifications.
  • The accumulated material can become heated to the point where it combusts, causing dangerous and often undetectable ductwork fires

In order to prevent either of these situations, regular cleaning by a specialist is absolutely vital.

Those that fail to ensure regular cleaning expose themselves to a wide selection unnecessary risk. Further to posing a fire hazard, failing to clean your ductwork can render insurance policies invalid, with many insurers refusing to pay out on claims if the proper cleaning certification cannot be provided.


The solution

Ductbusters has a wealth of experience in the cleaning and maintenance of ventilation ductwork in a host of specialised environments, including testing and maintaining fire dampening systems.

All work can be conducted outside of normal operating hours, so as to minimise disruption to business activities., and an insurer-recognised cleaning certificate

We can also boast a UK-wide reach, with our recently opened Southern branch in Essex.

To learn more about expert ductwork cleaning and fire damper testing, get in touch with Ductbusters today.


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