The Gourmets Sandwich Bar – A Case Study

On March 2018, Ductbusters relocated its headquarters and commenced business operations in Kidderminster.

At that time, we were actively searching for a local sandwich bar that could accommodate the weekly sandwich demands of our staff.

Gourmets, a sandwich bar and catering provider, were able to meet our demands, and supply us with the high-quality service we needed. The Gourmets Sandwich Bar is a stone’s throw away from the famous Severn Valley Railway Station.

We forged our partnership with Gourmets earlier in 2018.

Today, we are still responsible for performing kitchen extract cleaning on the Gourmets site annually.

Two years ago, we began working to improve the kitchen extracts quickly and effectively. Our team rigorously cleaned the kitchen canopy’s extraction system with a fan.

Additionally, when we returned to clean the kitchen extracts a year later, the improvement of cleanliness satisfied the staff at Gourmets.

Furthermore, Gourmets were satisfied enough with Ductbusters’ service that they requested us to maintain their kitchen extracts on an annual basis. To this day, we are working cooperatively with Gourmets to ensure a high quality of cleanliness in their kitchen.

Impact of kitchen extract cleaning on Gourmets

Most businesses in the catering industry tend to install canopy extraction systems in their kitchens; Gourmets is one of them.

Canopy extraction systems serve the purpose of efficiently removing the build-up of heat, steam and grease in kitchens. The problem is, sometimes, little particles can infiltrate these extraction systems.

If these particles are allowed to clog up the extractions, they can potentially pose a threat to hygiene and fire safety.

The impact of our kitchen extract cleaning was excellent. As a result of our service, Gourmets employees can now enjoy a higher standard of safety in their work environment.

Want to receive Ductbuster’s kitchen extract cleaning services? Why not get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements? We are only a message away.



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