Why Should I Clean My Kitchen Extract System?

Did you know that 70% of all commercial kitchen fires originate from faulty ventilation and ducting due to a build of up fat and grease? This is one of the reasons why it is so important to clean your kitchen extract system on a regular basis.

All too often chefs and kitchen managers believe that if the canopy and filters look clean, then the job is done. However the problem is that if the ductwork behind the kitchen extract system isn’t clean, you could still be putting your staff and even your customers at risk.

Here we’ve discussed some of the reasons why you should clean your kitchen extract system.

Regularly cleaning your kitchen extract system is essential to maintaining a healthy working environment for your staff.

Create a healthy working environment

Cleaning your kitchen extract system is essential to maintaining a healthy working environment. Extractor fans require regular cleaning and servicing in order to maintain maximum air flow in your kitchen. If they are blocked up with dirt and grease, they are not going to be able to remove heat, cooking odours and most importantly Carbon Monoxide as efficiently.

Carbon Monoxide is well known for being a deadly toxin that is produced by cooking ranges. Block ducts only contribute to problems associated with CO.

As we mentioned earlier, clean kitchen extract systems are able to remove heat from the environment. This will make your kitchen a more pleasant and comfortable environment to work in, preventing staff from feeling overheated. Kitchen extract systems also remove cooking odours from the environment, preventing them from seeping out into the restaurant and bothering customers.

Eliminate fire risks

Whilst canopy kitchen extract systems contain filters that act as a first line of defence against grease, unfortunately it is inevitable that smaller particles will pass through the filters and into your ductwork. Whilst your kitchen extract system will be easy to access, the ductwork behind it can be much trickier; however this doesn’t mean that you can get away without cleaning it.

If you turn a blind eye and fail to clean your kitchen extract system’s ductwork, the grease and dirt will begin to build up and could potentially cause a fire. If fire investigators find that you have not been cleaning your ductwork, you could be prosecuted under the Health and Safety Act for your negligence.

Due to the size and complexity of kitchen extract systems most companies tend to hire in professionals like Ductbusters to clean their ducting. This is a fairly straightforward job for us; however it does require the use of access doors so we can reach your ducting.

Access doors are another legal requirement, so if you do not have them installed, you are at risk from being prosecuted in the event of a fire. We can investigate your kitchen extract system and install any additional access doors required to avoid this.

Prevent fire risks by keeping your kitchen extract system clean and free from grease.

Prevent legal problems

Insurance Companies are increasingly aware of the high fire risk of grease laden kitchen ventilation systems. They are now demanding Certification and proof that the extract system is regularly cleaned by a competent extract ventilation cleaning company that is third party accredited. If you fail to keep your kitchen extract system clean and your kitchen is inspected, you may be forced to temporarily close because of withdrawal of Insurance cover and hygiene issues. There is also the chance you could be prosecuted if you are found to be negligent in keeping your kitchen safe and clean for others to operate in.


If you want to maintain a healthy working environment, lower the risk of fires and avoid getting into trouble with the law, the easy answer is to clean your kitchen extract system on a regular basis.

For help cleaning your kitchen extract system’s ductwork, please get in touch with Ductbusters on 0800 085 0403 today.


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