At Ductbusters, we supply cutting-edge industrial ventilation services.

Nowadays, many modern factories like to maintain a clean image.

Why? Because a clean image improves working conditions and improves employee morale. Additionally, a clean image impresses prospective and current clients.

Modern manufacturing processes are designed to create a low amount of emissions. Nevertheless, unwanted heat, welding dust and cutting fluid can still pose problems.

Namely health hazards and disruptions to production.

For example, air contamination can lead to product scraps or even expensive reworking. This, in turn, could slow production down.

Indoor air quality plays a critical part in any industrial environment. You can do a lot to improve your production environment?


Why use Industrial Ventilation services?

For example, you could apply the use of these solutions:

However, you will need to regularly service these systems to meet performance criteria.

When the above solutions work as intended, they can help you maintain product quality. Furthermore, they can protect your workforce by reducing airborne particulate in the factory airspace.

Many of these systems function at a high level. And prospective clients of Ductbusters can be assured of our operative competence in this regard.


How Ductbusters can help

At Ductbusters, our supervisors hold PASMA and IPAF certifications

for the erection of towers systems and the operation of mobile access platforms such as boom hoists and scissor lifts.

Our expertise extends further than cleaning the internal surfaces of ductwork systems. Dust that gathers on ledges and steelwork often needs to be removed as it is unsightly and can still cause the problems already mentioned.

Whatever the work involved our manufacturing clients usually have only a small shutdown window for the work to be completed. Ductbusters have sufficient labour resources to complete projects by the required deadline.

We are happy to offer FREE advice on any potential ductwork and surface cleaning project you may have by way of visit from one of our surveyors.

Get in touch with our team to enquire about ductwork cleaning.



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