Food processing

With ever more stringent requirements being instigated in the food processing market the need for increased levels of air quality has become more apparent.

Most of this pressure is client-driven with major high street retailers insisting on regular hygiene audits which now include ventilation systems on their checklist. Air quality is now an issue which may have a bearing on whether a contract is placed or renewed.

The need to provide total wash down of all surfaces within the food processing area often means that a structure is created within a building with the ventilation systems, both supply and extract, fed in from above.

This makes life easy for the majority of the ductwork and air handling unit cleaning but a more careful approach is needed if operatives are to enter low and high care production areas to clean grilles or chiller units for instance.

Ductbusters personnel have extensive experience of working in high and low care situations and are aware of the importance of sticking to hygiene code of practice both for themselves and their equipment.

We can also offer a full risk assessment service which will identify which ductwork systems are in need of attention from a particulate and bacterial viewpoint. All of our bacterial samples are sent to an independent laboratory for analysis.

It is also appreciated that production downtime for hygiene tasks is often short and takes place during unsocial hours. This poses no difficulty for us as we are able to work at a time that suits your works programme.

We are happy to offer FREE advice on any potential ventilation cleaning project you may have by way of a visit from one of our team of experienced Surveyors. Please click on our Site Survey page.

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